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This image is realted to Bending Spoons Mission, Products & Performance.

Bending Spoons is the world’s largest tech company, launched in 2013 in Milan, Italy. Its main focus is on mobile app development. In this article, we will provide information about this rising tech company that you must know if you want to be in the AI race in the upcoming years.

Mission statement of Bending Spoons

The main focus of Bending Spoons is to develop an easy-to-use mobile app that can be handled even by non-technical people. The core purpose of this company is to positively engage its valuable users. As proof, this company has served approximately half a million people worldwide.

What they provide

Bending Spoons’ ambition is to provide its users with fully secure mobile apps, ensuring that the security and privacy of customers are not compromised.

As a result, users are free to engage in any private activity on the apps that even the creator cannot access. I understand that you must be amazed after hearing about these rigorous security measures.


The apps developed by this software company have been downloaded 500 million times worldwide, available on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

The company boasts approximately 100 million active monthly loyal users, which is a significant milestone for their competitors and the dream of countless digital entrepreneurs. Remini APK is one of the best products of Bending Spoons.


If we talk about their workplace, it is a paradise for the technical people for development. The company has state-of-the-art in-house technologies through which they are unleashing AI on their tools and products. This is the key benefit for their workers because they can automate their manual work.

Day by day their engineers’ are creating and testing new fantastic apps with AI features in them which gives them tons of more AI lovers, and customers. The main Motto of this company is to create the best workplace for people who do not have any competitors at all.

App User Interface

Bending Spoons’ apps have a perfect, user-friendly, visually appealing, and comfortable user interface. Once users start using them, they find it difficult to stop using these magical apps.

This is precisely what the software company aims to achieve—to engage customers and keep them hooked on their apps for good.

Achievements in Social Work

In its first year of operation, this company achieved remarkable results through its tireless efforts, enabling them to donate millions of dollars to charity and help impoverished and needy people around the world.

What we have for women, disabled individuals, and society

Women and disabled individuals are marginalized in this society, which is unfortunate. However, this company recognizes their abilities and provides special opportunities and support for these intelligent and hardworking people. The company trains them to serve their community and country.

This company has collaborated with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) to ensure that the latest technology is easily accessible to African students.

Our products

Here are some of our products available in the market to cater to the needs of technology enthusiasts:

Additionally, this company has developed Immuni, Italy’s official COVID-19 contact tracing app, in partnership with the Italian government. Later on, they donated this app for free, which played a crucial role in saving the lives of thousands of Italian people. These apps incorporate AI to simplify your tasks.


The market is full of technology companies that are trying to come out on top, but if you want to be at the forefront, you have to do something different from society, like Bending Spoons.

Bending Spoons is the first to integrate AI into our mobile apps. The user interface of these apps is much easier compared to apps that lack AI. They provide the workplace with a bundle of ease and facilities that encourage developers to create more unique and world-dominating apps to assist you.

Now the choice is yours: whether you want to save your time or automate your work. If you do, then join and use Bending Spoons apps; otherwise, several boring options are already available in the market.

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