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Someone who thinks manual labor is the best work in the age of artificial intelligence is the dumbest person I have ever met. With evolving AI, everything is done automatically, which has many features, but one most important feature is time-saving.

As every field of life is making a revolution toward AI and automated perfect work, the same is the case here in photo editing. As the AI integration trend is at its peak, many new photo editing apps are coming to the forefront of the market.

this image is related to comparison between Remini, Phototune, and MintAI.

As we are in the middle of 2023, several AI editing apps are trending. Selecting one of them is a very time-consuming process, so in this article, I will briefly discuss three of the most popular and attractive image editing apps.


Remini is a complete AI-based app launched by Bending Spoon, a software company. Remini is a helpful editing app for making old, blurred, pixelated images appear new, clear, and sharp. It has a very supportive and user-friendly interface. This application can easily be used on any operating system. If you are a beginner and want professional results, Remini is the best choice.


If you want a perfect app to take your photos to the next level, then Photo Tune is perfect. It can easily adjust a photo’s color, brightness, contrast, and saturation. It gives your photo a survival in this era through these fabulous resources. It makes your picture perfect for your professional use. It is an intelligent app for image enhancement and retouching.


Like all professional editing apps, MintAI is famous for its stunning results. The user determines the focus of the application, and the direction of MintAI is on simplicity. It has the availability of photo enhancement, damage repair, and clearing blur features. It can adjust the photo by perfecting its contrast, brightness, saturation, and color balance.

User Interface

Following are some features of interface for these apps:


One of the most essential things about Remini APK is its easy-to-use interface. Remini has a user-friendly interface with a bundle of tools for editing pictures. People with basic knowledge can also understand it. Its user interface is designed for every type of editing lover.


PhotoTune also has an easy to use interface. One with essential knowledge about editing can easily use it. PhotoTune has a Completely professional user interface. It contains several basic to advanced tools. It is a paradise of editing for professional editors.


Each application has some features that others lack. MintAI also has a very beginner-level interface. MintAI has a simple and basic user interface with the necessary editing tools. Suitable for beginners in the field of editing.

Image Restoration

Image restoration features of these apps are given below:


Remini is an app that has potent image resolution tools. It applies deep learning algorithms to restore damaged or almost lost images. Make it from a blurred, pixelated vision to a clear, sharper one.


This app only supports essential image restoration. PhotoTune is a little advanced in retrieving the image from damaged to clear. Compared to the Remini apk, PhotoTune has basic-level features of image restoration.


One of the worst things about MintAI is that this app has no such feature for restoring the image. You can’t regain your appearance in this app. Regarding image restoration, Remini apk is one of the best AI editing apps.

Image Enhancement

Following are some photo enhancement features that distinguish these apps:


Enhance the quality of the image to be liked by everyone. Remini apk is best for enhancing images with the help of AI. It can also make a low-resolution image a high-resolution photo. If you have a low and old picture, you can enhance it to the next level.


If you want to enhance your photo manually, then PhotoTune is one of the best options. It has many advanced tools for improving the picture. PhotoTune does not support auto enhancement, so every step is done manually.


MintAI has basic-level primary tools. If we talk about the photo enhancer feature it consists of components that support only essential image enhancement. You can’t enhance your image to the next level as you can with the help of Remini APK.

Image Retouching

Image retouching features of all these apps are given below:


As I say, many apps have features that other apps lack. Retouching images is one feature that Remini APK doesn’t contain. But you can utilize other advanced features in the Remini if one element does not produce the required results.


It contains many advanced-level tools that are beneficial for image retouching and gives it a professional look. In the matter of image retouching PhotoTune is best.


It encourages photo retouching only on a fundamental level. If we compare all three editing tools, PhotoTune has the best image retouching features.


One thing that you should always remind yourself is to try to be perfect. In any field of life, perfection is the key. Keeping in mind the perfectionist world now, many companies are developing photo editing tools with AI support to make that perfection possible for you.

All the above apps integrate AI into themself. Like every user, you also have some specific requirements. Read this article with complete concentration and use the app which matches your interest and need.

If we talk about our experience, we find Remini the best option. It has all features and functions from basic to advanced levels.


The Remini AI photo enhancer is the best based on advanced features. With the help of powerful AI algorithms, Remini apk makes photos look better.

All basic-level features are accessible in PhotoTune. If you want to enjoy premium features like no ads and unlimited blocks, you can buy the premium package of PhotoTune.

Remini is the best option from PhotoTune. Remini is the best option if you want extra features in a free plan.

PhotoTune and Remini are both excellent for beginners. Phototune has some features that need some manual editing, and on the other hand, Remini has all the elements working in just a few clicks.

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